CH&PA 2015 Finance Report

The following documents comprise this Finance Department’s report:

Statement of Income and Expenditure for the period November, 2015;
Revenue Schedule against Budget for the months of November, 2015;
Expenditure Schedule against budget for the months of November, 2015;
Cash, Bank and Imprest Balances as at 30th November, 2015.

Financial Analysis

As can be observed from the financial statements, the Authority recorded a Deficit of G$161.1M for the period 1st to 30th November, 2015. For the year to date, a Surplus of G$109.3M was recorded. The cash position of the Authority as at 30/11/2015 is G$7.4B.


The Authority collected the sum of G$97.3M in revenues during the reporting period. The sum of G$53.9M was collected from the sale of land and G$10.0M from the sale of turn-key houses to allottees, representing a total of 65% on total revenues collected during the period. Transport fees received during the period totaled G$418,000, while other revenue sources totaled G$1.7M.


Expenditure for the period November 2015 totaled G$258.5M. The sum of G$211.5M was expended on housing fund projects during the period (see appendix 11 for list of housing fund projects). Employment and administration costs were G$28.4M and G$10.5M, respectively. The sum of G$3.8M was spent on the construction of houses under the 1000 homes project at Perseverance, EBD.


Total investment to date stands at G$4.080B (see appendix 1). Interest of $31.1M was earned during the month of November, year to date a sum of G$43.5M in interest has earned on investment & Revolving Fund deposits.

Revenue Collections

During the period November 2015, the authority collected the sum of G$53.9M from allottees with outstanding payments.

2015 finance report pdf document


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