Board first visit to 1000 homes site – project ought to be stopped immediately

First visit to Core Homes at Perseverance today. These are the 4.9 million houses CH&PA is building using what management claim to be contractors.
CEO Myrna Pitt, Chairman Hamilton Green, Board Members Bert Carter and a few others
Land Admin Manager Denise Tudor a no-show without anything mentions
lots of persons from engineers dept: Head Fazal Wahab, Deputy Omar Narine and many others I don’t recall by name. All the key persons are east indians of which am not surprised. a young female engineer there as well

everyone seem a bit nervous and putting on a good face but these are some of the most horrendous houses I’ve ever seen. Even to use the term house is a stretch.
This project has to be halted immediately
will get documents and details later but i think they’ve already gone over a billion dollars spent or missing from the coffers
my first instinct is that the board halt this project and take a couple weeks examining what we have here in the ground.
it looks like a concentration camp type set up. not much thought has gone into this and everything is quite random
all the houses we’ve seen have major defects visible to the naked eye
this will require another visit but am not impressed
the CEO and the engineers tried putting on a good face and pointing to things they seem to think are positives
i doubt any of them would live in any of these houses


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