is there a remigrant policy?

Mark Jacobs<> Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 8:48 AM
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hannifah am trying to piece together this remigrant programme from
what ally and tudor telling me and also reading back old newspaper

is there a comprehensive remigrant policy at the agency?
check this out
The criteria for occupancy of the Remigrant Scheme are very different,
Minister Ali explained. “Whilst you are not supposed to own any other
plot in the country, there are also some other criteria, including…a
minimum investment cost of a US$100,000 that you have to invest in
your property, and there is also a higher cost for the lot, and the
higher cost is basically also to facilitate a higher level of
At Building Expo 2012… GOV’T DISTRIBUTES 100 LOTS IN REMIGRANT HOUSING SCHEME – allottees ‘see huge progress taking place in Guyana’
that 100,000 is not listed anywhere in the flyers we got about remigrant
humble regards,


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