Ingrid Jones being implicated in numerous corruption allegations

February, 2016

There’s a lady in the land allocation section who’s being implicated regularly in all manner of corrupt transactions.
Ingrid Jones, Senior Land Allocation matters.

I’ve referred persons to Brickdam Police Station as it’s not my job to investigate matters of fraud. I take note of it of course.

Mrs. Jones reports directly to Denise King-Tudor. Is it conceivable that her boss is ignorant of all these corrupt transaction allegations?

Jones names is normally nentioned with the same persons repeatedly by members of public and staff.

Shevon Moore (apparently martied or used to be to Tudor’s nephew), Gaitre Ramawad, Sanantha Bailey, Khemlatta Sattan.
Sattan doesnt seem to have a good relationship with the rest even though she is theoretically their superior. she defers almost all questions asked of her to Tudor. a staff said her family members have been given turnkey houses.
her husband is the onground person at the 1000 home site. think his name is motie narine.

They all have a morbid fear of Tudor and dont say much even if it relates to things they are supposed to know.

someone from Jones church gave a detailed description of monies paid to her for land they never received. they are very loose and conduct corrupt business on the second floor where they work. There are no cubicles so it’s sll done in the wide open.

as far as i know, all these people are innocent and it is the board that making up these stories and victimising them 🙂

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