Response to Mr. Jacobs from Andre Ally – Head, Information Communication Technology

To: Mr. Mark Jacobs -Board Member
Thru: Ms. Myrna Pitt-CEO
From: Mr. Andre Ally -Head, Information Communication Technology
March 7, 2016
Website upgrade
1. Please elaborate on what you mean when you say the website upgrade was a last minute request
of Minister Patterson.
As stated in the previous email, this was a request by the Hon. Minister Valerie Patterson, to have the
website upgraded to be more user friendly, and also to enable some new features via modules, such as:
enabling all applicants to be able to check their application status online (including applicants who did not
apply online); provide key monthly outputs of the agency (e.g. number of allocations); staff of the month
section; other features to be determined by management.

Website features
We’ve spoken to various members of staff who said applicants can currently monitor the status of their
applications online. Additionally, page 17 of the October 2016 monthly report says the website “enables
users to apply online and make housing related queries.’
Be advised that users are not currently able to monitor their application status online. We’ve tested a
status tracking module on the website in the past (only for those applicants that applied online), but this
was a manual system which required a staff to manually check and update the status of each applicant –
it was not feasible. The system we wish to implement is explained further below.
2. Concerning application status, can it be demonstrated for us how online statuses can be tracked or
Each applicant has an application status in the local database. The intention is to have this information
available on our website for each respective user using their application ID.
3. The implication given in the monthly report with the statement ‘make housing related queries’ seems
to include monitoring application status online. Is this correct?
An applicant requesting the status of their application is deemed as a housing related query (see the
response to the following question). The upgraded system, should be an automated system which allows
for users to check their status without having to write to us.

Page 2
4. What are housing related queries?
Housing related queries are any queries in relation to the services that CHPA offer. Once a query is
received it is forwarded to the respective department for response or follow up. Queries are received via
email and social media.
5. Can you demonstrate that the website can and has been updating the statuses of applicants?
This is not a current function. This is one of the features we wish to implement with the website upgrade.
Web hosting
Please provide a copy of the contract awarding Fuzehost the website hosting contract.
See hosting agreement and board approval attached.
6. Who were the other companies that submitted bids?
See the evaluation of the submitted quotations below. Please note that the redesign of the website back
in 2009 (reflects the current website) was contracted together with the web hosting. Also note that back
in 2009 FuzeHost was known as Studio28 Productions. In 2012, Studio28 Productions split into two
businesses FuzeHost and FuzeArts. See attached, the documentation regarding the name change.
Redesign and Application Implementation
(one time fee)
Yearly Cost Capacity  Monthly  Transfer
Studio 28
($7,300USD) $1,460,000
7. Are those documents still available?
See quotations attached.
8. When does the Fuzehost contract expire?
The yearly hosting fee of $175.00USD, and a Domain renewal fee of $37.50USD will expire on July 27,
9. On what basis was it renewed with the same supplier since?
It is not a common practice to switch hosting companies for a website, especially if you have been
receiving a good hosting service from the supplier. In addition, migrating website data from one host to
another involves a lot of risks, such as incompatibility of modules (if different OSs and OS versions are
involved), loss of information and emails. There is also the risk of website downtime, since the website’s
domain name’s Domain Name System (DNS) addresses would need to be updated on the new host’s
server. The DNS is the system which identifies a domain name ( in our case) to a

Page 3
respective server (or IP address). This process takes up to a few days to propagate worldwide. This means
that a new host would need to be contracted before the old one’s service is expired.
In addition, FuzeHost usually provides free support for us whenever we are experiencing any technical
difficulties. Further, I’d like to state that the hosting service provided by this supplier to date has been
reliable and cost efficient.
10. Is the website redesign being awarded to the same company?
The website redesign will be awarded according to procurement procedures.
11. What justification is there to award the same supplier for website design?
The website redesign will be awarded according to procurement procedures.
12. What reasoning is there for the contract of website hosting and design to be awarded to Fuzehost
back in 2009 that gave no reason to issue a public tender?
Since the CHPA Tender Board’s limit for goods and services is $15M GYD, it was decided by management
to use the Request for Quotation (three quotations) method to solicit this service. Also this was done in
accordance with the CHPA Tender board guidelines (quotations and board approval attached).
Remigrant Program
13. What do you mean by ‘the MIS department assist in the processing of applicants for the remigrant
scheme? Please elaborate.
The process map below, which was also provided in the previous correspondence shows the steps of the
process in which the MIS Dept. is involved.

Page 4
The process map says ‘applicants issued an offer letter by the MIS department.’
14. Who writes this offer letter?
An MIS staff generates an offer letter based on the applicant’s information. This came about in 2011 when
the CHPA was planning a one stop shop specifically to allocate houselots to remigrant/returning-
Guyanese. The management team requested that the MIS department generate and email out offer
letters in bulk. A total of 404 offers were made and sent out via email on that occasion. Please note that
this was a technical bulk mailing exercise, which required the correct letter to reach each applicant. Since
then, this stage of the process was stuck with the MIS department. Also note, that during recent
management meetings the management team has made a decision to have this stage of the process
handed over to the Land Administration Dept.
15. How do you determine who is or isn’t a remigrant?
The Providence Gardens scheme is for remigrants/returning-Guyanese. The eligibility criteria are:
You must be Guyanese
You must be 21 years and over
You must not be the owner of any property in Guyana.
You must be ready to commence building within six months after allocation (please note that this
is not heavily enforced due to the lack of infrastructure within the scheme)
Applicant submits application
Applicant receives automated
acknowledgement letter
CH&PA’s MIS Department stays in contact with applicat via email
Applicant is made aware of the current status of infrastructure within the scheme before making them an offer.
MIS dept. runs a background check on applicant against our database to ensure there are no lands allocated to applicant
or co-applicant Applicant is issued with an offer by the MIS dept.
Applicant brings in necessary documentation along with the offer letter to the Land Administration Dept. where
they are allocated a lot through a lottery system
Applicant pays the amount for the land (half payment accepted) along with the conveyancing and surveying fees at CH&PA’s cashier.
Applicant signs up with the conveyancing section to commence the processing fo the title.

Page 5
16. What policies or guidelines do you follow and was it approved at the board level?
Please refer to the other answers provided in this section. This was not approved by the board, to my
17. What checks do you carry out on applicants?
A check is done on our database of allocated applicants to ensure that the applicant isn’t already the
owner of a land before an offer is issued. The Land administration department checks the other
documentation (refer to answer to question 19).
18. How does the information from MIS transfer to Land Administration?
Staff from the MIS and Land Administration Department view information from a single database.
19. Who verifies the integrity of information passed from the MIS to Land Administration?
As stated above, both departments view information from the same database on a CHPA server. As stated
in the previous correspondence, the integrity of the information received is verified by the documents
brought in (Identification Card/Passport, Birth Certificate/Naturalization Documentation, Marriage
Certificate (if applicable) and an Affidavit stating Non-Ownership of Property in Guyana) to the Land
Administration before the applicant is allocated the lot.
20. What policy document exists dealing with the creation of the remigrant program?
There isn’t a policy document.
21. How was the ministerial decision communicated to the MIS department, Land Administration and
the CEO? This includes the justification for MIS to handle the programme, CHPA policies granting the
MIS department permission to manage the Remigrant programme, policies or guidelines assessing and
qualifying remigrants; and housing policies on construction duration, occupancy, etc.
Meetings were held amongst the Heads, CEO and the former Minister. It was agreed that the MIS
department would correspond with the online remigrant applicants since the department, at the time,
was already overlooking all other e-business activities. The policies on construction, occupancy, payment,
etc. is the same as any other scheme. Again, I reiterate, MIS does not manage this program. The process
map shows the stages of the process that MIS is involved. Please also refer to the answers provided to the
other questions within this section.
22. What’s the official job description for the position Head, Information Communications Technology?
HR Department to provide same.
Mr. Ally stated that approximately 1900 persons have applied to date for the remigrant program.
However, in a November 1, 2013 interview with Guyana Times, Minister Irfaan Ali said there were over
2500 applicants.
23. How many total remigrant applications are logged into the MIS system?

Page 6
24. How many total remigrant allocations have been done to date?
Info provided in previous email from CEO.
25. What is the occupancy status of remigrant since the programme’s inception?
Info provided in previous email from CEO.
I understand after reading a remigrant booklet that there are several sizes and costs for house lots.
26. Is the MIS responsible department for engaging with remigrants concerning lot cost and selection?
The applicants would make this selection when filling out the application form.
27. How many houselots are in the remigrant scheme?
Info provided in previous email from CEO.

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