re: List of remigrant applications & allottees


To: Andre Ally, Head of IT
Via: Myrna Pitt, CEO CH&PA
From: Mark Jacobs, Land Allocation Committee.
Date: 20th March, 2016.
Subject : re: List of remigrant applications & allottees

Dear Mr. Ally:

Thanks for the March 17 email and remigrant information. We have some additional questions.

We would like to have this information for the board meeting of Thursday 24th March, 2016.

The applications list has the date of application but the allocations list does not include dates.

Remigrant data
Please update the remigrant allocation list with the following columns:

Date of allocation
Date of payment
Address of remigrant

Two different numbers for applicants
In your memo of March 7, 2016 you said 2050 applicants were logged in the remigrant system

In the list you provided there are 2037 applicants. Why is there a variance?

Number of lots in remigrant scheme
There are a number of inconsistencies in the data being presented and I’ll highlight this one for your further clarification.
Page two of the remigrant brochure says there are 563 lots in the remigrant scheme.
Page 5 showing the remigrant community map shows there are 552 lots.
The plan I received of the scheme dated 2013.02.02 by Sworn Land Surveyor Persaud says there are 539 lots.
The CEOs email of March 1, 2016 in response to questions I posed to you said there are 517 lots.
In your memo of March 7, 2016 you confirmed the 517 number presented by the CEO.

Which number represents the real figure?

Remigrant Status
None of your responses regarding the remigrant program mentions the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
How many persons allocated lots in the remigrant scheme presented a valid remigrant status granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? How many of these have you verified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Additionally, who manages the remigrant scheme? Who monitors compliance with the purchase agreement?

Humble regards,
Mark Jacobs
Chair, Land Allocation Committee

Hamilton Green, Chairman of the Board
Valerie Patterson, Minister within the Ministry


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