RE: List of remigrant applications & allottees

Mr. Jacobs,
I had replied to your email but inadvertently did not forward it to Mr. Ally.
I just gave it to him.
My apologies.
—–Original Message—–

From: Mark Jacobs [] 

Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 6:40 AM

To: myrnap

Cc: Ronald Bulkan; valerie.adams

Subject: Re: List of remigrant applications & allottees
I forgot the attachment on the original email.

humble regards,

Mark Jacobs
On 3/22/16, Mark Jacobs <> wrote:

Ms. Pitt:

Good morning.

Please find attached some follow up questions on remigrant 

applications & allottees.

We would like to have this information for the board meeting of 

Thursday 24th March, 2016.

Thanks in advance.

humble regards,

Mark Jacobs

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