Minister Valerie Patterson will get roped into CH&PA land rackets soon

Dear ________

From the indication of things, Minister Valerie Patterson will get roped into land rackets at CH&PA if she hasnt already.

I have a strong feeling Denise Tudor, Ingrid Jones and Khemlata Sattan are lying when they tell us that they are still doing land allocations.  This statement cant be fully true as there are too many persons daily lined up to see Minister Patterson.This is something straight out of Irfaan Alli and the PPP playbook. i believe they are lining people up and presenting htem to her and she signs off on this. even though she has no role in this process legally.

I’ve been in the Minister’s office once for the year or so she’s been here and that was the first day I think she arrived. Or might have been fist board meeting after she arrived. We met briefly and she seemed excited to be on the job. Never met her or heard of her before so am not sure what she did before CH&PA etc but must be someone in the mix within the inner party. How else could she have shot up to minister from ‘nowhere’?

We had a statutory meeting and we met briefly during the meeting in her office. two other members of the land allocation committee were there as well. we talked about land, corruption of officers and other matters briefly. there was an issue of Tudor telling here there are no lands available in linden they suddenly finding 13 lots after consulting her files after a dressing down I suppose.

Patterson vowed to root out corrupt officers and deal with management. also promised me a copy of a thick file of info Tudor gave to her which she was confident we did not have an should have copy. went back once to check on it and sent someone else to check on copy that was promised but it never materialised. would see her carrying copy at meeting we had with her, minister bulkan and hastings at colgrain house. that was a testy meeting as we learned that minsiter patterson after consulting tudor and pitt announced her jubilee discount program. at the time she said they told her they were responsible for setting house lot prices. not the board!

am not sure what happened but there was a change in her posture towards the board and suddenly there was this embrace of management and from the indications of things the minister was driving a wedge between the board and management, ably assisted by management who were eager to protect their rackets and whatever shady business they were on and probably still engaged in.

a new minister full of ego and trying to prove herself is my assessment of minsiter patterson. she is old enough to be my mother and i wont say anything disrespectful towards her but i think she is in way over her head with the scamps at CH&PA. not sure what is the nature of their meetings etc but am almost certain they wil rope her in to land rackets if they haven’t already.

no one can explain what criteria she uses to select the persons they present to her for allocation of land. many are from 2014 – 2016. will use meeting notes etc to write a more comprehensive report. but am worried that she has already been hoodwinked into rackets that will come back to haunt

time will tell but am almost certain this will happen and it wont look good. i certainly will not allow myself to be tainted by association.

humble regards,




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