14 million transaction by projects dept 5 days before elections

A contractor came forward today to discuss fraud and corruption by members of the project department.
He had detailed revelations on Head of Projects Fazal Wahab, Deputy Head Omar Narine, Superintendant of Works Omar Narine and many others in the project department. He was of the impression that the Board should have these persons arrested.
I took notes of what he had to say and will share with the relevant authorities. Also directed him to contact the police and give a statement. It’s not for me to investigate these criminal acts if they turn out to be true.

He had copies of bills and other details showing a purchase made 5 days before the elections and document signed off by CEO Myrna Pitt authorising payment.
The items purchased were not needed for what they claimed based on their own documents the contractor had in his possession.
Sooner or later some of these folks will be sitting in a box somewhere being cross examined.

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