Board minutes not accurate

5th May 2016

Am not sure whether this is deliberate or honest mistakes but I find when reading the minutes sometimes they do not reflect the meeting I attended.
It’s hard to keep track of all these things and since the minutes generally come a month after the meeting, you cant recall all the details but there are many key points raised that never make the minutes.

The Secretary of the Board Deborah Edwards is responsible. I’ve mentioned to her many times hiring another person to help her get these minutes together in a timely fashion but she seems not interested in that.

I know many times based on the time stamp on emails she is in office beyond 9pm many days.

I am generally suspicious, I cant help it, but I find this puzzling. I’ve discussed it with _________ and ___________ a few times. I think it will come to the point where I will begin to record these meetings for my own benefit.
And I will announce that and have it discussed to see what other members have to say.
I know some persons might be a bit hesitant to attend a meeting if they know they are being recorded. Especially those on the management side. They’ve been caught lying so many times, a recording could be problematic for them.


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