Employment Contracts for next statutory meeting


To: Laverne Benfield-Sansculotte, Human Resource Manager
Via: Myrna Pitt, CEO CH&PA
From: Mark Jacobs, Land Allocation Committee
Date: 6 June, 2016.
Subject : Employment Contracts for next statutory meeting

Dear Ms. Benfield-Sansculotte:

The Board is in the process of reviewing employment contracts of CH&PA personnel. Please provide a copy of the contract signed by the persons listed below for our next statutory meeting.

  • Gladwin Charles
    Fazal Wahab
    Reaze Abrahim
    Hannifah Jordan
    Deborah Edwards
    Paula McKenzie
    Donnel Bess-Bascom
    Omar Narine
    Intakab Indarjeet
    Omar Bispat
    Shazeeda Rahim
    Kenola Levans
    Cy Rodrigues
    Shabeer Ali
    Andre Ally
    Davindra Ramnarine
    Germene Stewart
    Fayola Azore
    Ferlin Pedro
    Khemlata Satan
    Motie Narine
    Malini Jaikarran
    Esther Stephen
    Avishkar Kowlessar
    Jaqueline Sookram
    Roxanne Ross-Sutton
    Ingrid Jones
    Umawattie Haripersaud
    Letitia Drakes
    Omesh Sasenaryn
    Ramona Alphonso
    Mohannie Seegolam
    Samantha Hilliman
    Sookram Kissoon
    Jasmattie Goordial
    Mohamed Khan
    Osmond Mortley
    Balram SIngh
    MIchelle Lord
    Timothy Sammy
    Ibraheem Ali
    Troy Marks

Thanks in advance for your anticipated co-operation.

Humble regards,
Mark Jacobs
Chair, Land Allocation Committee

Valerie Patterson, Minister within the Ministry
Board Members


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