Valerie Patterson says CHPA board members cannot request info from the CEO

Something is wrong with these big negroes am telling you. Remember in February the minister instructed the IT Manager not to answer my memos? Well if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, check out the email below.

Negroes wanna get bogged down with protocol and which is soup spoon and which is spoon for sugar. I have no time for none of that bullshit. We have plenty work to do and time is running out.

Why should I not ask any officer or send them a direct memo? They hiding something? I am dealing with the people’s business. Plus all board members, the secretary of the board and ministers get copies of my emails. Ahhh fuck it.

I am not in a personality clash with anyone, but the level of scunt & ego these people carry around is beyond me.

I thought about responding but then decided naaaah. Everyone is copied on it. Chairman, board members, minister bulkan etc. they can see this for what it is and respond if they wish but I ain got time for foolishness.

If they haven’t already, it won’t be long before management rope her into the rackets.

Dear Mark JacobsI am really trying to understand how and why as a member of this board you are making request to the CEO for information /documentation. The CH&PA board has a Chairman and a Secretary in whom the authority is vested to make such requests. I have raised this matter before with Minister Bulkan yet it continues to be accommodated. I dare say that there are clear lines of authority set out for organisational operations and if and when not followed is recipe for confusion and disaster.
Trust that this kind of disrespect for line management does not repeat itself.
Min. Valerie Patterson

Min. Responsible for Housing

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