Transactions of Land Management in the LMS


To: Denise King-Tudor, Director of Operations, CH&PA
Via: Deborah Edwards, Secretary, CH&PA Board
From: Mark Jacobs, Chair Land Allocation Committee
Date: 30th June, 2016.
Subject : Transactions of Land Management in the LMS

Dear Mrs. Denise King-Tudor:

A few questions as it relates to the subject:

Are all transactions of the Land Development & Allocation section in the LMS?

If not, please explain why those records are not in the system.
When was the last training conducted on the LMS and what was covered?
How many persons in Land Development & Allocation section are fully trained in the LMS usage?
What deficiencies, if any, have been reported about the LMS?
Are you aware that the Essequibo office has no access to the LMS for over a month?
The Lethem office under the new officer has never had a telephone line and as a result no access to the LMS. What systems are in place to properly monitor activities and transactions in Region 9?
What is the plan to remedying this situation?
What’s the number of houselots available for distribution as of today? Please include location and price.
How many scheme inventories have been completed within the last 6 months?

Thanks in advance for your anticipated co-operation.

Humble regards,
Mark Jacobs
Chair, Land Allocation Committee

Board Members


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