To: Board Members, CH&PA
From: Mark Jacobs, Chair Land Allocation Committee
Date: 3rd July, 2016.

Dear Board Members:

Two weeks after clear instructions were given to the CEO, the security situation at the 1000 Home site is abysmal.

I visited the location yesterday, 2nd July, 2016 with Minister Bulkan about 3PM. ONE SECURITY GUARD was on site. This guard belongs to that group of CH&PA employees that was not listed on the HR register.

I clearly recall at our 30 June, 2016 meeting the Board deciding that we have no confidence in the security guards of the past and that they should be replaced with armed guards. Which was similar to the decision we made at our June 23 meeting.

This is a shocking discovery. I am of the view that management and others in the project department are adopting go slow, sabotage manoeuvres to bring this Board into disrepute. I draw this conclusion based on what i am seeing on the ground.

I spoke the security guard who gave his name as Bharrat. He informed me that he took over from Federal Security at 6am. Based on the information provided by Bharrat five security officers were there and none were armed!

The CEO says she misunderstood what the Board wanted at our June 23 meeting. At our June 30 meeting, she hinted that she was worried about spending too much money on security. Board members, the CEO is either consciously or unconsciously playing games with us for reasons only she can explain.

I have no personal axe to grind with the CEO or anyone else in management but this laissez faire approach to important matters frightens me. I do not want to be associated or affiliated with such levels of gross incompetence. And when you add the tens of millions of state assets being stolen and mismanaged and nothing being reported to the Police, this puts me in a most unfamiliar place.

We are faced with an urgent situation, millions of dollars have been stolen from this site, coupled with poor procurement practices and incompetent foremen. This 1000 home site will soon burn up over 1 billion dollars! And all we have to show is 59 occupied houses and 141 in various states of disarray.

Persons have been executed for far less in other countries.

Additionally, my understanding based on our last meeting was that an immediate audit of the remaining 141 homes. Nothing of the sort has begun. It boggles the mind that on matters of importance, members of CH&PA management and staff are shuffling along with no sense of urgency.

I returned to the 1000 Homes site last night at approximately 815PM. What i found was beyond shocking.

No security personnel was in the southernmost guard hut. This is closest to Mocha road.
No security guard was present in the second guard hut. This one sits between the first and the bond along the same north south road.
Six men, two in uniform and four in regular clothes were gathered in the security hut by the bond. None of these men were armed.
I was informed by one of the men that the person with the firearm was sick and went to hospital but that he coming back soon. They also said that Federal office was aware.
No security guard was present in the northernmost guard post.
The men admitted that they do not sure the guard huts because they are too far away, dark and they feel unsafe.

The reason given by CEO for not wanting to remove Federal from the site was that they are familiar with the work to be done.

I have no confidence in Federal to continue as security on this site and I have information pointing to collusion between senior members of this security firm and CH&PA workers in looting items items from the site.

Since they were in place when items were being stolen, I am recommendation to the Board that this firm be no longer used for security at the 1000 Homes site.

Management at CH&PA are woefully incompetent and underperforming in most of their duties. I am of the view that the good life promised by the APNU AFC administration cannot be achieved/implemented with the current core group.

My recommendation is that each senior officer at CH&PA undergo an evaluation of their qualifications and performance. With that in hand we can decide the way forward.
Our reputations are at stake, but as i hinted at earlier in the year, I am not prepared to sit as a Board member with all this unchecked lawlessness and crimes ongoing at CH&PA.

Humble regards,
Mark Jacobs
Chair, Land Allocation Committee

Board Members


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