Federal Management Service performing poorly


To: Myrna Pitt, CEO, CH&PA
From: Mark Jacobs, Chair Land Allocation Committee
Date: 8th July, 2016.
Subject : Federal Management Service performing poorly

Dear Ms. Pitt:
This memo covers what we discussed regarding Federal Management at our last Statutory Meeting of 7th July, 2016.

I visited the 1000 Homes site the at night at of 2nd July, 2016 approximately 815PM. What i found was beyond shocking.

No security personnel was in the southernmost guard hut. This is closest to Mocha road.
No security guard was present in the second guard hut. This one sits between the first and the bond along the same north south road.
Six men, two in uniform and four in regular clothes were gathered in the security hut by the bond. None of these men were armed.
I was informed by one of the men that the person with the firearm was sick and went to hospital but that he coming back soon. They also said that Federal office was aware.
No security guard was present in the northernmost guard post.
The men admitted that they do not sure the guard huts because they are too far away, dark and they feel unsafe.

This company is being paid large sums of money for security service and it is of a very poor nature.
The men are not properly dressed and I doubt as stipulated in the contract these men have been properly trained.
Please relay our concerns to the company and as we agreed at Board the clause in the contract regarding theft and damages should read ‘$1,000,000 per incident.’

Humble regards,
Mark Jacobs
Chair, Land Allocation Committee

Board Members

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