Outstanding issues with CH&PA Land Management System

I N T E R N A L   M E M O R A N D U M

To:        Mr. Mark Jacobs,  

Chair, Land Allocation Committee

Thru’: Mrs.King-Tudor,

           Director of Operations

From: Ms. Shevon Moore,

Land Allocation Officer III

Subject:        LMS Core- Outstanding Issues

Date:               July 11th, 2016

Following the meeting held with you on July 7th, 2016, the LMS Core was once again checked and the outstanding list of Issues was revised for submission to you.

Kindly note the following issues that need to be rectified.

  1. When a new application is being added to LMS Core for an applicant who has previously applied and has had his/her application entered into the system, there is no immediate prompting to indicate that the ID or Passport number is already in use.
  2. Reports need to be finalized.
  3. Beneficiary score and Printing to be finalized
  4. After an applicant has been added to the ‘Approval Listing’ that an Acknowledgement letter cannot be printed from the LMS
  5. Offer Letter needs to be finalized in terms of font size, Coding, etc.
  6. Deletion of name/Addition of name: The memo template is not being populated with the fields
  7. We are unable to view the lot number that one was reallocated from or the lot that was repossessed
  8. If only a Passport number is added to an application, that number is not being printed on the Agreement of Sale
  9. First, Middle and Last names should be printed on Agreements of Sale. However, for the middle name to be printed, we have to add the middle name to the First name field.
  10. The date that the Agreement of Sale was signed should be seen under the Managing Allocations Tab
  11. Allow for Addition of Name and deletion of name to be done under the application Tab only, instead of under the Conveyance tab also.
  12. Revised Addition of Name and Deletion of Name templates should replace the previous ones

The above list of issues is a revised list of what was previously submitted to you by the MIS Unit. Overtime the list of issues has been revised as modifications to LMS Core were made by Brainstreet.

Finally, I would like to bring to your attention that I have not received any memorandum from you requesting this information and this information is being submitted to you based on your verbal request for same during meeting held on July 7th, 2016.

All for your information.


Ms Shevon Moore

Land Allocation Officer


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