Federal Management not living up to terms of security contract


To: Board Members, CH&PA
Via: Deborah Edwards, Secretary, CH&PA Board
From: Mark Jacobs, Chair Land Allocation Committee
Date: 18th July, 2016.
Subject : Federal Management not living up to terms of security contract

Dear Board Members:

I visited 1000 Homes yesterday {sunday} morning and it is clear to me that Federal Management is bent on collecting free money from CH&PA.

There were two unarmed guards at the main bond area.
Both guards were in regular clothes.

There was no vehicle on site.
No other guards were at any of the other posts
The two guards said the other two guards were walking around doing an inspection.
The guards admitted that no one on the shift had a firearm.
The guards admitted that no vehicle on site was ‘normal’

CH&PA is paying this firm million of dollars and has incurred unknown millions in losses while Federal was employed as the security company.
This is my third visit to the site where I witnessed clear deviations from the contract signed by this company and CH&PA.

I believe the former CEO Pitt did a poor job managing the security affairs and the implementation of this new contract.

The contract with the Guyana Police Force could be implemented within days if we are more proactive and it would cost the agency less, even with CH&PA providing a vehicle and driver on site.
Even though this is not a Board Member’s function, I am volunteering to sort out this security matter to save this agency further dollars and embarrassment.
Ms. Edwards please arrange a meeting with a representative from Federal ASAP to discuss these matters.

Humble regards,
Mark Jacobs


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