RE: Modifying the Land Management System – Field Survey

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To: Mark Jacobs
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Subject: Modifying the Land Management System – Field Survey

Dear all,
With reference to the subject above, please see memo and related documents attached.

Warm Reagrds,

Andre Ally

Head, ICT
Central Housing and Planning Authority
41 Brickdam and United Nations Place
Telephone: 592-226-1332
Fax: 592-225-4991

Page 1
DATE: JULY 19, 2016
RE: Modifying the Land Management System – Field Survey

The Land Management System (LMS) and related modules were developed by BrainStreet under the IDB funded LIS2 program. This project began on July 16, 2012 and was supposed to be completed in one year. However, the consultant performed poorly and the CHPA decided to extend the contract, since terminating same at the time would result in the CHPA having a useless piece of software which we could not build upon in the future and monies wasted. This was because the contractor was to retain ownership of the source code (which is usually the case with Software Development Companies). The contract was extended 4 times in total and was finally terminated by the former CEO on October 31, 2014, due to poor performance. But, this time we negotiated for the source code and successfully acquired same (as at that date).

Please note that during development of the applications, a demo version of the system was made available for all relevant staff to test and practice on. Multiple training sessions were also conducted in-house. We subsequently went into another agreement with BrainStreet where they (BrainStreet) agreed to complete the outstanding work at no cost to CHPA by February, 2015. At the end of this period there were still outstanding fixes to be made. A six month service maintenance period followed immediately after this, during which the consultant continued to fix old and new bugs (problems with the system). Staff were required to thoroughly review each section of their various modules so that any potential bugs could be identified, however, this was not done in most cases, causing unexpected bugs to continue to ‘pop-up’ over time as staff went deeper into different parts of the system.
Page 2
The upgraded LMS was implemented into the live work environment on Monday, August 10, 2015. BrainStreet and their main developer on this project, Othniel Browman, still continued to support us after this period, at no additional cost. This was due to the fact that we maintained a good working relationship with the now former consultant and the main developer.

In May, 2016, we needed to make changes in the system to accommodate an updated application form, and also to implement a sub-module to cater for the 50-50 Jubilee Promotion. Given the confidential nature of the job, and the fact that we needed this work to be done expeditiously, the former CEO and I decided to contract the services of Mr. Othniel Browman (an individual consultant) directly, in an effort to save time and money.

Please note that this new consultant was also asked if this would conflict with him being a developer at BrainStreet, to which he responded no, since his contract with the company was a verbal one, and the contract CHPA had with BrainStreet was already terminated.

Below is a summary of the jobs recently completed by Mr. Browman:

1. Addition of fields to capture the new fields on the Land Application form –this work has been completed and this updated application form has been in use since June, 2016. Mr. Browman Submitted an invoice for $250,000.

2. Development of a sub-module to cater for the 50/50 promotion that was carried out earlier this year. This sub-module was developed to discount the land cost of individual allottees invoiced.

Mr. Browman Submitted an invoice for $300,000. Invoices for both jobs were sent to the finance department on July 8, 2016 for payment. Subsequently, the Finance Director (ag), requested information on behalf of the Finance Committee, with reference to controls in place on the system. This information was promptly provided via email. (see attached) However, these payments were put on hold by the finance committee pending a full demonstration of the system by BrainStreet (which is unrelated to the works completed). Since then, we have not been getting the type of support we had gotten in the past.
Page 3
Also note that since Mr. Browman was the last person to make changes to this system, that he was since contacted (this week) for the updated source code, which he handed over. (Although he was not paid for the works he had completed)

Current Situation
We are now required to update the LMS once more to cater for the addition of the occupancy information being gathered by the on-going field survey. Since this is a small project of confidential nature, I would strongly recommend we contract the services of a developer that already knows our database and is known to be trustworthy.

With reference to the modification of the Land Management System (LMS) to capture the field survey information, be advised that multiple requests were made for BrainStreet to provide a quotation for same, the first instance being early September, 2016. BrainStreet has since submitted a quotation for $500,000 on October 7, 2016. Half of which is to be paid up front, and is estimated that it will take three (3) weeks to complete the modification.

Also be advised that Othniel Browman, the same developer that was contracted by BrainStreet and built most of the current LMS, also submitted a quotation for $100,000 and estimates that he will take 3 days.

Given the confidential nature of this work (the developer would have access to our entire database), I do not recommend that we bring someone new to execute this work. I therefore recommend that Mr. Browman be paid for the work he has already completed. I further recommend that he is contracted to perform the necessary modifications. Please see quotations attached. For your perusal and comments. Warm Regards, Andre Ally, Head, ICT, CHPA


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