Questions about Procurement Officer for 1000 Home Project

Mark Jacobs<> AttachmentTue, Jun 21, 2016 at 1:03 AM
To: myrnap <>
Cc: board members
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Ms. Pitt:
please find attached a memo regarding Timothy Sammy being employed as the Procurement Officer for the 1000 Home Project.
Thanks in advance,
humble regards,
Mark Jacobs

Myrna Pitt, CEO CH&PA
Mark Jacobs, ​Land Allocation Committee
9th June, 2016.
Procurement Officer for 1000 Homes Project
Dear Ms. Pitt:
At the last Land Allocation Committee meeting there was some confusion as to the status
of Timothy Sammy.
Based on the information provided by the HR Manager Mrs. Sansculotte, Timothy Sammy
is listed as a Data Entry Clerk. However, officers from the Land Administration
Department are of the view that Mr. Sammy was hired as Procurement Officer.
How did Mr. Sammy go from a clerk in the Conveyance Department to the Procurement
Officer for the 1000 Home Project?
Please provide supporting documentation.
Thanks in advance.
Humble regards,
Mark Jacobs
Chair, Land Allocation Committee
Board Members

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