1000 Home Procurement Officer position reveals a lot of wrongs


2 September, 2016

The Procurement Officer is listed as a data entry clerk in the Land Allocation Department. This obviously made me ask questions.
A few of the persons asked said Timothy Sammy was indeed hired as a Procurement Officer but no one could say when and how. I sensed unease as I asked the questions. I genuinely was curious.

It boils back down to HR procedures not being followed or non existent and incompetent persons being placed in positions. This further fuel lawlessness and corruption.

The HR Manager Laverne Benfield Sanscoulotte eventually produced a document showing that Sammy was assigned the job of procurement officer for a period of three months in 2014. No other documents exists and she could not say why someone who was assigned a task for three months is still performing that task.

It would be interesting to find out if the HR Director is the recipient of kick backs in any of these corrupt schemes, cause she is front and centre in almost every corrupt activity taking place in this agency.

The reason I proposed this project be halted immediately is because of the huge mess that it is. In three years they completed 59 houses and all had defects averaging half a million and higher. Over half a billion in materials were procured and purchased by Timothy Sammy, but the Procurement Officer listed in the project document is Omar Narine, Deputy Director of Projects. There is no documentation changing this. This would raise some intriguing questions come audit time.


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