18000+ houselot applications sitting on floor at CH&PA

The volume of paper in the building is mind blowing and a security hazard. But what’s worst is the absolute slackness in safe keeping of public records. 

I know from personal experience. My records have gone missing at least five times since 2009.

Denise Tudor can’t really explain to me why they have so much paper and how exactly they plan on securing it. Ironically she always talks about a fire on Homestretch Avenue in the 1990s where they lost plenty. This fire is used as an excuse for missing info today!

I don’t recall how I stumbled upon this info but over 18000 records are sitting on the floor and have never been entered into the land management system. As a result persons are constantly turned away or have to wait hours.

Problem is there is also no filing system to speak of do records are not easily found. the young women working in this dept fall into a few categories: don’t care, poorly trained, bad attitude, caught up in rackets, uninformed, don’t know.

Records are collected, handled and removed in any fashion. I’ve walked the halls and you can pick up almost any record they have sitting around and leave with it. Most of the cabinets are broken so anyone can open the ones lining the hallways.

The 18000 records on the floor are applications. Which means no finance or conveyance information is available on the system. This further exposes what an absolute joke the head of IT is. No one in management or staff speaks highly of him if you engage them.

So with these records just sitting there, you could only imagine what else we are yet to stumble upon.

Denise Tudor, Khemlatta Sattan, Ingrid Jones and their staff are clueless to the importance of proper record keeping or running a land admin department. 

We have to get to the bottom of this as the public is being short changed. People assume when they apply a rational and structured chain of events follow.


The land application process is sheer chaos and corruption. When persons leave the building, more often than you think their records are just thrown in a drawer or in some corner.


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