Irfaan Alli’s sidekick explains Valerie Patterson’s 50/50 jubilee program

There are many days when it feels like am having an outer body experience as a Board Member as a lot of things are beginning to make absolutely no sense.
This whole 50/50 jubilee thing I still do not understand what it means or how it works. I learned about it from someone who called to curse me out for not telling them about it.
We were having a long back and forth on the tele about it and I said there is not such thing as discount land by the government.
The person said, I am watching the minister on the television now announcing it! why you didnt tell me?

so at a board member and chairman of the land allocation committee that’s how I learned that CH&PA via Valerie Patterson was having a discount on lands sold. No one on the board was notified about this, nor was anyone consulted. The announcement was just made. The Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan who is the senior minister in the ministry had no idea about this 50/50 business.

If that’s not confusing enough, we waited a few weeks for a description of how this program works. After much delay we had a meeting in the Board room where a chap name Sukrishnalall Pasha passionately explained the details of this program. To the best of my knowledge this guy was an associate and right hand man of Irfaan Alli when he was minister of housing.

Am noticing an interesting realignment where old criminals have become quite chummy with the new junior minister. Am not sure how this came about, but the minister was not there when this PPP man gave a quite weak presentation on how this program was supposed to work. All his scenarios were perfect scenarios and if you hear him tell it the agency stand to rake in billions from this ponzi scheme.

Everything we’ve seen so far shows that hundreds of millions of dollars will be wiped off the agency’s books without any accounting measure in place to account for it. Based on what we’ve been told by staff, parallel books are being used to track these new monies on instructions of the minister.

am not on the finance committee and have stayed off because I had a feeling moments like these would pop up. Politicians on the propaganda trail or the take leaving a mess for others to cleans up.


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