Mark Jacobs you will be removed from CH&PA Board

Had an interesting conversation with someone who is a mover and shaker at CH&PA ad in certain government circles.
He called me and we met at his office and discussed a number of pressing matters engaging the board. After much discussions he asked me if I thought I would be returned as a board member. I said I did not know but it’s not a decision for me to make. I’ll quote what he said:

Mark you are not going to be on that board much longer. They’ve already decided that you are a hindrance to what they are trying to do.

Mention was made of Junior Minister Patterson, Joe Harmon and other government functionaries.

The life of the board is for another 8 months. We shall see how the rest of our time goes but I am well aware that there are persons in this government and management of CH&PA who are not interested in order or change. I have no interest in being caught up in their world.


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