Field Verification for pending Payments

Fazal Wahab Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 8:32 AM
To: Mark Jacobs
Cc:,, Reaze Abrahim , Deborah Edwards ,
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Dear Mr. Jacobs,

Please let me know if you are back and if the EBD and ECD field verifications can be done today. Be reminded that the payments are overdue and the client (CHPA) is as such in breach of contract. This breach can result in financial implications for the CHPA.


Fazal Wahab

Director of Projects

Central Housing and Planning Authority

41 Brickdam & United Nations Place

Stabroek, Georgetown.

Tel: (592) 227-8886, 226-1809


mr wahab
I will coordinate with mr. ali so we can all go together
please provide some info on these sites we are going to visit that i can readup and get some background
humble regards,
mark jacobs


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