Eliminate Corruption in Your Company with 6 Steps

Corruption is bad for society and bad for business, posing severe financial, operational and reputational risks. Now more than ever, companies are taking action to implement serious and effective anti-corruption measures and policies within their strategies and operations.Here are six ways you can promote transparency and accountability in your company:

  1. Commit: Make anti-corruption part of your company culture and operations. Show your employees, customers and suppliers that your company has a zero-tolerance policy on bribery & corruption
  2. Assess: Know your risks and prepare for them. Recognize opportunities to improve your business by improving compliance
  3. Define: Define what success means for your company. Develop goals, strategies and policies and get buy-in from colleagues by clearly showing the importance of these policies
  4. Implement: Make anti-corruption programmes and policies integral throughout your company, including your value chain
  5. Measure: What gets measured gets done. Monitor and measure the impact of your anti-corruption policies to identify what’s working and what still needs work
  6. Communicate: Consistently communicate your progress to stakeholders, always striving for continuous improvement

Source : UN Global Compact


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