Andre Ally or Denise King Tudor cant explain why a $40 million transaction is not recorded anywhere

When a through audit is done of Central Housing they will back trucks up to the gate and fetch management and staff out. This place is FULL of corrupt and uhexplainable acts. Well we know why there are no explanations.
Mrs. Tudor is the boss of land administration and the defacto deputy CEO but the head of IT, Andre Ally was in charge of the remigrant scheme and allocating land to persons! According to him Irfaan Ali created that role for him. According to Tudor she knows nothing of the remigrant scheme.

The persons are sent to her by Andre Ally.
When we thought we had received all the info on the remigrant scheme we were in for another surprise via a document sent by the secretary of the board one late night not too long ago.
This document is a cook up between Ally and Tudor.
On page 11 it states that a man was given 10 lots in the remigrant scheme to develop townhouses!

Ten parcels were amalgamated into parcels (2308, 2309,2310,2311,2312, 2329, 2330,
2331, 2332, 2333) i.e. parcel 2723 for the construction of Town Houses. The land was
sold at $40,000,000 dollars, to date the purchaser has paid $12,000,000 dollars towards
the acquisition of the land.

This is a shocker coming one year later. First no one could figure out how many lots were in the remigrant scheme. We had four sets of numbers presented by CEO Myrna Pitt, Tudor and Ally. Still not sure what is the correct number and wont know until a proper survey is done of that scheme. I wont be surprised if they are selling land in there not listed or demarcated on the plan.

Tudor eventually revealed in a land allocation committee meeting that this person listed here is the owner of Akbar Auto sales. I had a simple question, why was this never mentioned before. Conversation went like this

it was an oversight mr jacobs
40 million? how do you miss a 40 million dollar transaction?
silence and smiles all around by the other members of her staff present. ingrid jones and khemlatta sattan

Long after this mysterious transaction was revealed, none of the info on the remigrant scheme has been updated to include this 40 million.

According to Mrs. Tudor there are no records, contracts or agreement between Akbar and CHPA.

I had another simple question that went unanswered, how does a man walk off the road and pay CHPA 12 million dollars? On what grounds? is he insane? on what grounds was his money collected if no contract or agreement exists?



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