Prepared questions for CEO interviews

Prepared by Mark Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer – CH&PA


CH&PA Board

Q. have you read the housing act? What are some things that stand out for you? Explain your understanding of the role of the chpa board.


Director of Operations, Director of Projects, Director of Finance, Director of Community Development, Chief Development Planner, Head Internal Control & Audit, Head Monitoring & Evaluation, Head of Information Communication Technology, Human Resource Manager and Secretary, CHPA.

Q. you would have 11 senior persons reporting directly to you. How would you manage the flow of information?

Purpose and Scope of Role

The CEO is responsible for day-to- day management, and planning, organizing and directing the activities of CHPA, to ensure that the objectives of the strategic business plan are met.

Q. chpa spends billions annually. How do you see yourself directing the day to day activities to ensure these funds are spent in a transparent and responsible manner?

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

a) Manage the resources of CH&PA including human, financial etc., to meet CH&PA’s

Q. give us an idea how you would evaluate and manage the human resources at chpa and also how you would manage the financial resources.

Objectives and Mission.

b) Prepare Monthly Status Reports showing CH&PA’s progress.

Q. what do you expect from managers in progress reports?

c) Attend meetings and Provide Advice to the Minister, within the Ministry of Communities with responsibilities for Housing on housing matters, to facilitate decision and policy making and issue resolution.

Q. this agency is managed by a board but there are two ministers stationed in the building. How would you deal with an order from one of the ministers or a politician?

d) Attend meetings and Provide Advice to the CH&PA Statutory and Tenders Boards on housing matters, to facilitate decision and policy making and issue resolution by the Boards.

Q. Board memebers are not in the building daily, so we would b relying on you to implement our policies and directives. How would you ensure decisions and policies are enacted and put in place in a timely fashion?

e) Co-ordinate activities among CH&PA departments. Improve systems and processes to enhance the efficiency of CH&PA operations.

Q. there are many inefficiencies within CHPA. how would you go about dealing with these? Briefly outline your plan

f) Monitor the performance of CH&PA departments, and staff reporting to the CEO to maintain and enhance performance.

Q. performance of staff and departments is very important. What ideas you have for this?

g) Liaise with contractors and consultants hired by CH&PA to ensure that the work is undertaken according to contract, and kept, as far as possible, within the specified timeframes.

Q. in the past we’ve had many contractors who were unqualified and unprepared to deliver works within specified timelines. Give us an example of how you dealt with contractors in your past job

h) Liaise with officials of funding agencies such as the Inter-American Development Bank. Discuss and monitor the progress of funded programmes and agree upon necessary measures to improve programme execution.

Q. what experience do you have with funding agencies. Give examples

i) Liaise with officials of the Ministry of Finance to discuss and report on the expenditure of funds.

j) Assign tasks to staff reporting to CEO and obtain feedback on those tasks to ensure execution of tasks.

k) Chair meetings at inter-agency and senior staff meetings in accordance with meeting agendas and ensuring that pertinent matters are discussed.

l) Resolve external conflicts such as with funding agencies and members of the public; and internal staff matters, to facilitate CH&PA operations.

m) Maintain good Public Relations with external customers and other agencies to promote the image and goodwill of the CH&PA.

n) Establish & maintain ongoing collaboration with other agencies, such as inter- governmental agencies, regarding housing and associated matters.

o) Perform such other related Duties as the Minister, within the Ministry of Communities with responsibilities for Housing may at times require.

Tools and Equipment Utilized in Performance of Job Duties:

a) Computer

Q. what programs and software are you proficient with?

b) Telephone

c) Facsimile

d) Vehicle.

Proficiency in these Skills Sets:

a) Policy Making

Q. what’s your background in policy making?

b) Strategic Planning

Q. what’s your understanding of strategic planning in the context of chpa?

c) Decision Making

Q. how do you make decisions?

d) Issue Resolution

e) Administration

f) Supervision

g) Delegation

h) Co-ordination

i) Conducting Meetings

j) Making Presentations

k) Business Writing

l) Analytical Skills

m) Time Management

Q. what’s your views on time management and productivity?

n) Public Relations

o) Communication and Reporting Skills

p) Customer Relations/Service.

Qualification and Experience

Q. give us an overview of the security situation here?



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