Meeting at Ministry of Finance regarding CH&PA budget

Meeting today at Ministry of Finance regarding CH&PA budget
Not sure if the minister of finance will be there but should be interesting. plan on listening then replying to any foolishness uttered by anyone in there as am sure will happen

get the sense this meeting is about the economics czars belief that CHPA Board is somehow responsible for a slow down in the Guyana economy. Been hearing a few persons waxing poetic along those lines
embracing classic economic dogma they know nothing about. housing starts etc. we are a country blessed with experts who invariably know nothing about what they are talking about most of the times
from what i’ve heard so far the budget prepared by management and presented to the board is not the budget they presented to ministry of finance. should be interesting as ronald alli and heather martins from finance committee should be there
minister bulkan, patterson and hastings should be there. along with PS mcgarrel and the big guns from ministry of finance and affiliated agencies
i get the feeling they have no idea the current status of CHPA
I wont be surprised if minister patterson used the occasion to take cheap shots at the board again. it’s become her modus operandi
she’s been telling persons and it filter back to us that she has to kill the board as we are getting in the way f her running HER MINISTRY
it would help if some of these politicos take time out to read occasionally. CHPA is a semi autonomous agency managed by a board which is responsible for hiring competent management and staff to run the day to day affairs of the agency.
it’s painfully obvious that junior minister patterson has no respect for the minster of communities ronald bulkan. she continues to flex her muscles whenever she gets a chance
i really want no part of all this unnecessary drama. am almost certain i will not be retained as a board member as person close to patterson and others in the inner party has labeled be an enemy 🙂
but it’s a log way to june 2017.


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