Draft letter to Deputy solicitor General Prithima Kissoon – Core House cases

From: Hannifah Jordan [mailto:hannifahj@chpa.gov.gy]
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2016 4:25 PM
To: deborahe@chpa.gov.gy
Subject: Draft letter to Deputy solicitor General- Core House cases

Dear Ms Edwards,

I am proposing that CH&PA sends the attached letter to Ms Kissoon for her advice on the way forward. Grateful, if you can forward to Chairman and members for their comments.

Hannifah Jordan

December 6, 2016

Ms Prithima Kissoon
Deputy Solicitor General
Attorney General’s Chambers &
Ministry of Legal Affairs
95 Carmichael Street
North Cummingsburg

Dear Madam,

Re: 2016-HC-DEM-CIV-CM-6, Gaytrie Singh also known as Gaytrie Saikar v The Attorney General of Guyana

Reference is made to correspondence dated 25th November 2016 on the above subject matter.

The Central Authority is concerned with the decision of the Hon. Chief Justice (ag), Madame Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards, in light of the Government’s position to award free Core Houses to persons who have been delinquent in occupying the land purchased subject to registered interests. The said decision will affect the Government/Central Authority in proceeding with the repossession policy against allottees who have breached the terms of the registered interests in their transports and Certificates of Title.

In light of the decision made in the Gaytrie Singh also known as Gaytrie Saikar matter and more recently, also in the Linda Persaud v The Attorney General of Guyana, the Central Authority wishes to be advised whether the Attorney General of Guyana has considered appealing the said decisions. The Central Authority is of the view that the decisions ought to be appealed.


Hannifah Jordan
Corporate Secretary

C. Mr. Hamilton Green, Chairman
Ms Deborah Edwards, Secretary
Central Housing and Planning Authority


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