CHPA management request 2.4 billion with flawed project documents

Head of Projects Omar Narine was unable to justify this request or explain it properly. After heated discussions it failed to get Board support with two members voting for, one against and  seven abstentions.

FW: Proposal for infrastructural development works and construction of buildings at Perseverance, EBD, Region #4 Inbox
Deborah Edwards<> Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 7:07 PM
The attached is for your perusal and discussion on Thursday 22 december 2016


From: Omar Narine []

Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 6:35 PM
To:; ‘deborah edwards’
Cc: ‘germaine stuart’; ‘deniset’; ‘deniset’;;;;;;; ‘Hannifah Jordan’;
Subject: Proposal for infrastructural development works and construction of buildings at Perseverance, EBD, Region #4

Dear Management, please find attached for CHPA Board meeting tomorrow. Ms. Edwards, kindly forward to the CHPA Board members.


Omar Narine



Central Housing and Planning Authority
Internal Memorandum
To: Chairman and Board of Directors
From: CHPA Management Team
Date: December 21st, 2016
Re: Requesting a budget to implement and execute the following activities at Perseverance, EBD,
Region #4: –
(1) Construction and upgrading of roads, drainage, structures, sewer, pure water distribution
network, electrical distribution network
(2) Construction of buildings (single units and duplexes)

With reference to the subject at caption, the CHPA Management Team hereby request approval for the

proposed budget in accordance with appendix #1 in an effort to implement and execute the following
activities at the Perseverance, EBD, Region #4: –
1) (a) Upgrading of Roads at Perseverance, Phase I (location of the existing houses – 191#)
2) (a) Construction of one hundred and sixty eight (168) new houses at Perseverance Housing
Scheme, EBD. This location currently has fair weather roads (white sand / sand clay)
(b) Upgrading of existing fair weather roads (WS/SC) to Asphaltic Concrete Surfaces
(c) Installation of Water Distribution Network (Phase II)
(d) Installation of Electrical Network (Phase II)
(e) Installation of Sewer Network and Plant (Phase II)
(f) Development of Playground
(g) Maintenance of Access
3) Construction of duplexes (various designs) and elevated single storey as model homes as follows: –
(a) Flat Duplex – Concrete Option
(b) Flat Duplex – Timber Option
(c) Elevated Duplex – Concrete Option
(d) Elevated Duplex – Timber Option
(e) 2 -Storey Duplex – Concrete Option
(f) 2 -Storey Duplex – Timber Option
4) New Infrastructural Development at Perseverance, Phase III, EBD, Region #4 (this would yield
approximately 185 new lots) or development of approximately 21 acres. The development of these
new lots would be allocated to those potential beneficiaries who desire to build their own housing
5) Associated cost administrative cost
NB: – Please refer to Appendix #1 for proposed budget and Appendix #2 for Site location plan
Submitted for your consideration and approval,
CHPA Management Team
Original document



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