Committee meeting cancelled – officers attending Congress Place meeting with Minister Patterson

Mark Jacobs <>
to Deborah, deniset, Heather, sheik_gm, Ronald
Ms. Edwards:
please make arrangements for us to have a land allocation committee
meeting on 23 December, 2016
Mr. Khan would have to be notified by telephone

some of these would be covered on outstanding matters but these are
the agenda items we would like to discuss

update from lethem field survey [enforcement dept]
hiring rho and deputy reg 6 [need list of applicants and details]
apt complex in providence [arrange to meet owner that day]

akbar auto sales in remigrant scheme [update on way forward]
turn key homes [allocation of remainder homes]
update on turnkey applicants list [should be completed by now]
infrastructure work update in remigrant [someone from project dept]
IT issues in land admin [update from IT dept]
complaints from public about staff treatment

thanks in advance
humble regards,
Mark Jacobs
to Heather, me, Deborah, sheik_gm, Ronald
Dear Ms. Edwards

Please be informed that I will be unavailable on Friday to attend the meeting because of a prior engagement.


Denise King-Tudor (Mrs)
Director of Operations
Central Housing and Planning Authority
41 Brickdam and United Nations

Mark Jacobs<> Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 4:54 AM
To: Deborah Edwards <>, deniset <>
Cc: Board Members
Dear Mrs. Tudor:
to date I have not received an update on the data entry exercise which
concluded on November 30. I’ve checked with other board members and
they have not received a copy either.
We’ve spoken about this a few times and you indicated that I would
received same on each occasion we spoke. I would imagine all the data
has been properly compiled on this important exercise by now.
I’ve also spoken to Mrs. Jones for an update on this matter and she
said she did not have a copy of the final report either. I find it
quite strange that a manager in the department does not have a copy of
this report, but that’s another matter to be discussed.
If I may recall, this exercise was extended twice and based on the
preliminary numbers you presented, it did not meet the target of
November 30.
The members of the committee and the board are looking forward to this
information to make wider policy decisions for quite a number of
I don’t know what other engagements you had scheduled for the 23rd
which led to the cancellation of the committee meeting, however, I was
informed by staff that you were attending a public meeting at Congress
The board is still the highest decision making body of CH&PA so am a
bit puzzled why a broader explanation wasn’t presented as to your
absence in your email of 21st December. Especially since we already
had a long drawn out discussion a few months ago at Board level over
your participation in another political exercise in Berbice. On that
occasion it was a public exercise about lowering the age limit for
land allocation from 21 to 18, something you do not agree with.
The board is not working in opposition to the government housing
policy, we were elected to serve by the minister of communities. Our
goal is to have an efficient, functional agency serving the needs of
the people. Our work compliments and supports the government housing
Board members are not full-time employees of CH&PA. Going forward,
please keep in mind that our time, as well as yours is both valuable
and finite. Your presence at these meetings are required unless there
is an emergency. Meeting members of the public at Congress Place does
not fall into the emergency category.
Please prepare and brief junior officers to accompany the minister in
the future so time is not wasted on cancelled meetings.
It’s no secret that I campaigned and voted for the APNU AFC
government, however, the work to be done at CH&PA cannot be held up by
these public events.
Promises to the public means nothing if they cannot be fulfilled. As
it is, CH&PA is unable to meet the needs of the public in an
efficient, timely and professional manner. Let’s spend our time making
that a reality.
All for your information and guidance.

humble regards,
Mark Jacobs


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