Over 300 records missing from Lethem –  Region 9 office

Last visit to Lethem has allowed me to put a figure on the missing records in office.

The former housing officer Yvonne Kissoon quit shortly after elections and wiped the computer’s hard drive. She has in her possession a flash drive which she mentioned in her hand over documents to the new housing officer.

No one from management or the HR department visited Lethem to take possession of state assets or do a proper supervised hand over.

Yvonne Kissoon who is married to the PPP point man in Region 9 (Desmond Kissoon), was one on the untouchable gods at CHPA and her boss Denise King Tudor and CEO Myrna Pitt seems to have accepted this reality.

Government employees and others witnessed Yvonne Kissoon burning records and files in the savannah shortly after elections.

Based on the field survey done by staff, over 300 records on houselots are missing. This means, there is nothing to show when the persons applied, when the lots would’ve been allocated, to who et cetera.

Many of these lots have houses or structured under construction. However, until persons are asked to come in with their documentation, no records are available to indicate how they came into possession of these state lands.

An interesting discovery are lots sold to persons from the Corentyne Coast. Incidentally, the former officer is from the Corentyne Coast.


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