Department Head brief for new CEO

To: Deborah Edwards
cc: board members

Mr. Chairman:
with a new CEO set to be put in place soon, I would like to recommend
each senior manager present a brief and be prepared to present same to
Below are some areas I think this brief should cover
humble regards,
Mark Jacobs

Manager’s Vision (vis-à-vis Agency’s Vision)
Role and Responsibilities of Department

Manpower (number of staff, division of labour, span of control, line
of authority)
Resources required to accomplish tasks (personnel, skill set, tools,
and equipment)
Processes/Policies (to accomplish tasks/current policies that
influence department operations)
Current priorities (projects, specified tasks – include
outputs/outcomes/deliverables, milestones and cost if applicable)

Hi Mark,

Do you really think anyone will take you seriously with these suggestions?

Do you really think this Board has a full comprehension of the housing needs of the people in Guyana?

Do you really believe that CHPA management have a real plan to serve the best interests of the working class people in Guyana and deliver an honest and good position going forward for their best interests?

Do you really think anyone is listening to the Board’s directives and responding to its recommendations and requirements to assess the real housing needs and planning regulations to ameliorate the unjust and inequitable situation many thousands of people currently face?

Do you really think this present administration has the wherewithal to deliver a green and transparent good life for its people in a timely manner with all the current financial constraints?

Do you really think we can throw 8bn dollars at it this year and hope for the best?

Do you really think this Board is taken seriously and that any previous administration of it is any different to now?

Do you?????

I do not.

Hamilton Green Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 8:02 PM
To: Mark Jacobs

Dear Mark.
Excellent proposal please speak to settle modalities


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