Chairman Green letter to Junior Minister Valerie Patterson

                                                                                                               November 03, 2016Hon. Valerie Adams-Patterson, M.P.,

Minister within the Ministry of Communities

 with responsibility for Housing Authority

41 Brickdam and United Place


Recall earlier today, November 03, 2016 at the engagement with a team from the Ministry of Finance headed by the Director of Budget, you stated that an inhibitory factor was that the CH&PA Board is taking too long to make decisions, implying that this state of affairs is contributing to the slow drawing down of funds by the agency. This of course is a serious matter.


In an effort to correct these alleged flaws and delinquencies by the Board, I respectfully ask that you give in writing instances and examples of this dilatory pattern of behavior by the Board as claimed by you.


I am anxious to have the Board deal with and correct its misdeeds.

Be assured that the Board is anxious to deal with this issue. A response from you, giving details and examples will be helpful.


I will be grateful if your response to the above is sent to me in good time for it to be placed on the agenda of the next Statutory Meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 24, 2016 at 10:00am.


As we have done before, this is also to invite you to attend that meeting in order to elucidate and so provide some guidance to the Board.


Please treat as urgent.


With kind regards.

Sincerely yours.



Hamilton Green, O.R.,J.P.,



Promoting a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment



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