Fwd: Remigrant scheme update

25 October 2016 601am

Dear Members:

At our last Land Allocation Committee meeting of 18th October, 2016

the issue of the block on the Remigrant Scheme was raised.

This memo is a partial update on the findings so far and

recommendations on the way forward with this scheme. It will be the

first scheme the Land Allocation Committee has a clear understanding

of in terms of allocations, availability and infrastructure costs.

In a memo dated 18th April, 2016 90% allottees in “Remigrant Scheme”

not registered remigrants (attached) I explained that only 12 of 130

allottees listed in the CH&PA remigrant scheme are actual remigrants

at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(For reasons that have never been properly explained, the first

persons listed as a remigrant were actually allocated a lot on the

West Coast – Intaz & Inderdaie Hussain, Lot 753 De Groot En Klyne

priced at $1,200,000)
An additional 12 persons did not submit an Affidavit of non-ownership

based on the most recent document presented on this scheme. This is

quite troubling as it indicates even the basic requirements were being

breached/ignored by Head of MIS Andre Ally.
On numerous occasions, in words and writing, Andre Ally who ran the

remigrant program admitted that no policy documents exists as it

regards the remigrant scheme and that all directives came from former

Minister Irfaan Ali.

Director of Operations Denise Tudor has no such documents and the

former CEO Myrna Pitt also said no such documents exists.
However, in the most detailed document on the remigrant scheme

presented thus far, Providence Gardens Report (July 13, 2016), page 3

has a curious entry titled The Policy Context.

In a following report I will detail further the grave inconsistencies

and deceptions contained in this report.
Please see attachments for report and memo 90% allottees in “Remigrant

Scheme” not registered remigrants.
humble regards,

Mark Jacobs


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