recommendation on Munaf Hussein (Akbar Auto) 10 lots in the remigrant scheme

17 November 2016

Dear Board Members:Mrs. Denise King Tudor & I met with Mr. Munaf Hussein (Akbar Auto

Sales) on the 31st October 2016 in the CH&PA Board room. This meeting

came about after our last land allocation committee meeting as

recommended by Mrs. Tudor.
Mr. Hussein was sold 10 house lots in the remigrant scheme in 2012.
Attached are my recommendation based on the meeting with Mr. Hussein.
Mrs. Tudor can fill in any information I may have left out or make any

corrections to what I have here.
Also attached is a letter from Mr. Hussein to Mrs. Tudor requesting

more time after failing to meet the deadline for info he set at our


My advise to Mrs. Tudor is to prepare to repossess these lots from Mr.

Hussein based on all the evidence and facts before me. Subject to full

board approval/disapproval these are my recommendations.
humble regards,

Mark Jacobs


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