CHPA Personnel endangering board member & staff lives

dear *****,
we had a committee meeting recently where the issue of akbar auto sales owning ten house lot in remigrant scheme.
the owner name is munaaf hussein. i may have both spelt wrong but it is close
to date, denise king-tudor cannot explain how a man got 10 lots in the remigrant scheme
the whole thing is convoluted and you just know some skull duggery is taking place
i am not here to investigate anything. all this fraud and rackets are presented to us by management. all you have to do is read and their incompetence and criminal acts are glaring

i’ll detail the whole timeline of how this akbar business got started. the head of IT andre ally inserted it in a 100 plus page report emailed to me one night
of greater concern is denise tudor and her choosen lieutenants (ingrid jones, shevon moore, gaitre ramawad, khemlatta sattan, her secretary & a few others) plotting against us constantly
i dont argue with these people or tell them much of anything except the people’s business but there are persons in there alert outsiders
akbar paid 12 million on a 40 million plot of land and has never visited or done anything in about three years. shortly after our committee meeting someone called him and he was there the next day clearing the land
tudor, jones and sattan were in that meeting
another incident where the same three were in on a meeting was for an enforcement action in berbice. a chap there has about 15 lots in a chpa scheme
the initial visit was cancelled by enforcement was cancelled as they got wind of a info leak but the follow up was also problematic. the guy knew who was coming, vehicle type etc
this one we were informed by persons close to situation who was the person
these staff are not all crazy and some freelt contact us with valuable information
the full reports on all these incidents will be available soon.
actions will have to be taken against persons. not sure what but they cannot be allowed to endanger staff or board members lives.
remember the robb and camp st invident? the building owner was stalking outside a board meeting all day & ambushed me and duncan at the back entrance to the board room

humble regards,
mark jacobs


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