Providence resident email about CH&PA project dept corruption

I would like to thank CHPA for the drainage works conducted inProvidence, East Bank Demerara. However, some questions come to mind

as I observed the works in progress:
– why was the contract of over 4 million dollars executed to remove a

coffer dam which was placed across the trench, thus preventing

drainage, and it’s mere removal would have solved the problem?

-why was a large contractor like A&S contractors be interested in such

a small job, one that cannot possibly compensate for the mobilisation

of the correct equipment to properly execute the job as was intended?

Instead, machines and equipment was apparently leased from Mr. Samad

and Uncle Sam Trading
– is the CEO Myrna Pitt and the board aware that Mr. Samad,

owner/director of uncle same trading is also the father in law of mr.

fazal wahab, the director of projects of CHPA and the engineer who

supervised this 4 million dollar project?
– how many more projects like these did the CEO sign off on after

being advised by Mr. Wahab?
– was mr. wahab aware that his father in law company was

sub-contracted to perform the job that he supervised and approved

payment for? and that it may have been a conflict of interest? or was

it planned and orchestrated as such with the full knowledge of the

The machinery used are parked in the south western corner of the

housing development known as windsor estates where Mr. Wahab is a

frequent visitor.
windsor estate has armed Guyana Police officers on duty 24/7 yet the

1000 homes project supervised by Mr. Wahab is plagued by millions in

What is the relationship between MR. Wahab and Windsor Estate and why

is his family business operating behind the walls of Windsor?
Is it normal for such a high ranking official as the head of the

project department supervise such a small project when there are 10

engineers on staff?
am i i the only one concerned by this ongoing corruption and

lawlessness at CHPA?
Concerned Resident of Providence



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