Re: Electricity needed urgently in Farm Housing Scheme, E.B.D.

Morning:I am constantly confronted by persons venting similar valid and real


However, this board cannot be blamed or expected to fix all the

mis-deeds and trickery committed by the past administration on the

population. Those lands should have not been sold in the first place

and while this may sound cold, I think Guyanese were/are too gullible

to believe the promises of the past administration and are now paying

the price.

while we will fix some of these problems, the fact is there are many

persons who will be left un-served given the resources on hand.

It’s a hard reality that we are going to have to put out there to the

public. It is not possible to fix all these problems and deeper

evaluations will show some of these schemes may have to be abandoned

in part or whole.

take care and have a great day

humble regards,

Mark Jacobs
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Electricity needed urgently in Farm Housing Scheme, E.B.D.

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Dear Editor;

This letter serves to express my anger and frustration with the Central

Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA). I was allotted a piece of land in

Farm on the East Bank of Demerara for a hefty sum. I pooled my funds and

paid it without complaint since I was eager to have my own home.

The CH&PA urged everyone allotted house lots to build promptly before they

repossess them. Upon hearing this, I secured a mortgage and completed my

new home. The dilemma now is electricity. I went into Guyana Power & Light

Inc. to inquire and was informed that it is the CH&PA’s responsibility to

provide the necessary infrastructure for the electricity.

My second trip was to the CH&PA where I was informed that the

electrification of Farm is on hold until further notice. I have already

moved in and there is no sign of infrastructure of any kind being erected.

Why then are persons being encouraged to build when they cannot live

comfortably? My funds have become completely exhausted to the point where I

cannot even afford a generator. I am in darkness. If persons are taking the

steps to build, it is only fair that the CH&PA does their part too in

establishing the fundamental infrastructure.

The next issue is the main access road. It is in a deplorable state and in

need of urgent repair. On a positive note, I must commend Guyana Water Inc.

for the prompt installation of my pipe and water supply.

Concerned Farm Resident


The Story Within The Story.An Update of the Housing Sector

Sep 13, 2015

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By Leonard Gildarie
A few weeks ago, we re-examined the process of housing applications and I

did promise to get an update from Government on the status of housing

schemes and thousands of applications. People have been calling about their

applications and the status of the roads built.

I had written that there are about 10,000 applications pending on file.

I did manage to catch up with Minister within the Ministry of Communities,

Keith Scott, who has responsibilities for the housing sector. Also there


the Land Development and Administrative Manager of Central Housing and

Planning Authority (CH&PA), Denise King-Tudor.

Minister Scott said a lot and I will attempt to summarise.

There are an estimated 25,000 applications for houselots on file. This

translates to about 100,000 persons that are likely to benefit.

I don’t see the demand being brought down to a manageable level within



It is unlikely that the new administration will pursue the “old” ways (I


the word old very liberally) of how it deals with the demand for housing.
<; Turn-key

homes in Providence.
Turn-key homes in Providence.
<; The state

of the roads in the Remigrant Scheme at Providence, which is a main


for CH&PA.
The state of the roads in the Remigrant Scheme at Providence, which is a

main priority for CH&PA.
According to Scott, it is a fact that people were approved for houselots.

But incomplete infrastructure works, including electricity, roads and


have delayed and discouraged persons from building, leading to frustration

and stalled schemes.

The holistic plan, Minister Scott insisted, is what the Government


as cohesive communities. All the infrastructure works will be ready at the

time of issuance of houselots or turn-key homes.

These “cohesive communities” will have to include community centres,

schools, fire stations, police stations, stores and even industrial sites


encourage jobs.

He noted that the 1,000 homes project initiated by the previous

administration was not a bad idea- the new Government will seek to improve

it by speeding up the infrastructural works. There have been significant

complaints about the quality of works on the turn-key homes.

There will be delays in homeowners moving in their property but this is to

ensure that the communities are completed, the minister admitted.

Since taking office in May, Scott said that CH&PA immediately started an

assessment, processing backlog of applications dating back as early as


Applications made in 2012 are being addressed now.

Asked about where the houselots are located, Scott said that Guyana has


lands. The reality is that 54 percent of all applications on file are

demanding lands in the Region Four area. No easy tasks as there are not


lands left in the region for development.

Currently, allocations are ongoing for the areas between Prospects and

Little Diamond, on the East Bank of Demerara.

There are also lands available in Stewartville, West Bank Demerara and

Commings Lodge.

Housing schemes at Williamsburg (Berbice); Lethem (Region Nine); Bartica

(Region Seven); Mabaruma (Region One), Linden (Region 10) and Lethem


Nine) are being addressed as well.

The minister also disclosed that the One Stop Shop exercises have been

halted as problems were recognized. These include questions about the

discrepancies over different prices for the same size of lands which were

approved during the exercises, leading to questions over the transparency


the process.

Many persons have complained about paying for lands and still awaiting word

from CH&PA.

The complaints are being dealt with as they are brought in.

There is the idea to issue 5,000 houselots within the next five years with

200 turn-key homes to be completed and handed over this year.

The Ministry is also examining ways to bring down the costs of

infrastructural works in the housing schemes, including new ways to build

roads and culverts and even the actual homes.

Scott said much more and I do intend to analyse.

What I do know is that last week, the Minister and several staffers,

including engineers, visited the stretch of lands between Providence and

Little Diamond where housing developments have been taken to another level.

However, there are significant delays. Several of the plots are incomplete

with little work seen.

Several private developers, who have received large plots of lands, were

summoned to meetings with CH&PA on Thursday and given a February 2016

deadline to finish infrastructural works like roads and bridges.

One contractor doing works in the areas behind Farm and Covent Garden has

been fired.

In fact, an inspection found that persons are grazing their cows in lands

where houselots should have been.

One can literally drive from Providence to Little Diamond, using the

inter-connecting roads.

While some areas have homes, the level of home occupancy was low with many

of the roads still to be done.

At the remigrant scheme where 100 lots have been given out, the roads were

poor and occupancy was low.

Minister Scott has reportedly ordered the infrastructural works to be

speeded up as the remigrant scheme was suppose to be a showpiece of the


Bank Demerara developments.

Next week, we continue on other aspects of housing raised by CH&PA and the


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