Re: Fwd: My opposition to the Proposed Responsibility Allowance for Management

Dear Members:
In the Interest of time, I did not explain in detail my

opposition to this

so-called responsibility allowance proposed by the HR

DIrector L.

Benfield-Sanscoulotte today. However, that should not be

I am fundamentally opposed to this responsibility allowance

on many grounds

stated below. For that matter, I find it highly

irresponsible and even

obscene for the management of CH&PA to even conceive of

this idea.
I am pointing these things out with all due respect to

members and

management, not to pick on any one individual but to

highlight anomalies in

the information presented. In doing so I hope to see

corrections in how the

business of this organisation is conducted.
I have another memo to present to the Board on the time

machine and related

deficiencies in the time management system and compensation

of CH&PA

employees. These deficiencies follows a trend of

payroll/timesheet fraud

using falsified information, failure to clock in, failure to

clock out,

overtime listed on paper with a working time machine et

cetera. Whether

deliberate or accidental, I would leave that to the internal

auditor and

others to make that determination.
None of this is meant to impugn the integrity of anyone in

management or

the board. We’re all here for the greater good of the

nation and I would’ve

failed in my responsibilities if i did not highlight and

explain my

objections and observations.
With the sparse information presented to us, and my previous

misgivings, I

find this allowance to be highly irresponsible.

Details of my opposition is attached.
Humble regards,
Mark Jacobs


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