Re: Turn key homes visit yesterday independently of CHPA

22 January, 2016

i think all works on these projects should be halted ASAP and let’s doan evaluation on what we’ve received for the money spent

too much money has already been wasted

humble regards,

To Mark Jacobs

On 1/22/16, ….. wrote:

I visited the turn key houses at Perseverence and Mocha yesterday

independently of CHPA. They are to organize an official visit next week.
Sadly up to 50 of the turn key homes at Perseverence have been vandalized

and windows, doors and pvc gutters have been ripped out. Building works

continue but as soon as they put in the fittings, there is an organized

effort to remove them. One security guard hut was observed. This scheme

is being further developed and the contractor was, to my mind, doing an

excellent job. I met with him and discussed the problems of the site and

discovered quite a few interesting things taking place there and generally

with these schemes. I cannot share those with you over the Internet but

will discuss them when we meet again. It is probably what you already know

or suspected. The contractor confirmed there was no provision for social

amenities at all and that he was clearing more land for more of these

dwellings immediately adjacent.
There appears to be a lot of undeveloped land west of these homes and

probably in private hands. Lots of GPL infrastructure and roads as well.
I visited Bai Shan Lin’s development and obtained a brochure and their site

plan for buyers. A very ambitious scheme with 9.5m payable for the

cheapest lot. Plans for houses they will build for you starting at 250k up

to 450k. Underground electricity and water supply and a huge building for

recreation – but only the shell. I am not sure who has the money to buy

there – certainly I could not afford one and even if I could, I am not sure

I would want to live in such a highly intensified community anyway.
These observations just go to show how unequal the distribution of wealth

is in this country with no real concern for human development – the turn

key homes were shoddily built, no bridge, concreted yard or fence…and

very small – most with no room for expansion – just a zinc roof at around

9′ at the lowest point…basically an oven for baking people…talking of

which, they were arranged in such a way that they reminded me of a prison /

concentration camp


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