Re: Updates from HR department : stolen & lost items, engineer Rahim lying to board

Mrs. Edwards: In a memo dated Nov 29, 2016 Ms. Sanscoulotte replied to this memo.

I have a few follow up questions based on her responses. Please have these ready for Tuesday’s meeting as we do not want to go into the new year with these matters unresolved.
The numbers below are the same as the numbers in the original memo
2. I am not concerned with all the other things Ms. Rahim is talking about in her letter at this time. I am simply concerned with her lying to the board and if this sort of conduct is acceptable. The minutes are clear in relation to this matter.

If it isn’t for a senior officer to lie to the board, as HR Manager please have Ms. Sanscoulotte explain what are the remedies available and how and when will these be implemented.

Also please note that this letter by Mr. Rahim is dated 14 October, 2016. This being an important matter why wasn’t this shared immediately so that this matter can be brought to a closure?

The Internal audit will deliver a signed copy of her findings. Ms. Sanscoulotte has a copy of my report which clearly states what I found in examining the records. Is is fair to say no preliminary action has been taken against the employees concerned?

Please provide copies of what separation procedures were followed in respect to the RHO for Region 9 as a number of outstanding matters that could require police involvement engaging the attention of the land allocation committee.

Which employees are currently pursuing studies? and what does ‘sponsored by the agency’ means? Who determines whether the agency will sponsor someone?

What policy or guide is used to compensate employees after they have completed their studies?

No one in the HR department is aware that Mr. Marks is supposed to be paid a stipend for acting as Procurement Officer? Is anyone in the HR department aware that the last procurement officer was paid a stipend? and what that stipend was?

Please provide a copy of the handover documents signed by Mr. Timothy Sammy on his departure from CH&PA. Did he fulfill all his obligations to the agency before leaving?

A laptop signed for by Mr. Sammy was ‘stolen, according to the head of IT Andre Ally. This laptop was reportedly in the possession of Mr. Motie Narine at the time of it being lost. Who is responsible for replacing this laptop? What documentation exists explaining what happened to it?

Mr. Ramnauth lost a laptop and cell phone belonging to CH&PA. This laptop was also signed for by Mr. Sammy. What were the purchase prices of these items? and why is he only refunding CH&PA for the laptop? Has Mr. Ramnauth ever produced written authorisation showing he had permission to take this laptop home?

What actions does the HR recommend for the $12 million+ in items Mr. Ramnauth cannot account for as field auditor?
thanks in advance,

humble regards,

Mark Jacobs

On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 12:23 PM, Mark Jacobs <> wrote:

Dear Ms. Edwards:

please find attached a request for some updates from the HR department

thanks in advance

humble regards,

Mark Jacobs


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