Changes to CHPA application form – draft

25th November, 2016

Proposed changes to CH&PA application form.

Members of the land allocation committee have had multiple discussion on changes to the application process in order to make it more stringent. These are some of our recommendations.

We looked at what worked in the past and what didn’t and we also looked at what obtains in other Caricom and Commonwealth countries. As an example here are the required documents required in Trinidad & Tobago:

Evidence of Nationality (2 Forms of ID)
National Insurance (NIS) Number
Income Tax (BIR) Number
Evidence of Income (Job Letter / Pay Slip)
Evidence of Savings & Indebtedness
Most Recent Credit Card Statement(s)
Title Deed(s) or Lease and/or Mortgage Deed
Valuation Report
Up-to-date receipts for Land & Building Taxes, Water & Sewerage Rates & Lease Rent
WASA Clearance Certificate
Utility Bill
Below are our recommendations:
CH&PA logo on form and a more professional look.
Applicants would be presented a series of home design styles to choose from approved by CH&PA planning department.
Applicant’s mother and father’s name and date of birth.
Tax ID number
Address of work. Name and contact info of supervisor
If self employed, business registration/license
Names of spouse (common law partner) parents and date of birth
Address and details of spouse employment
Verification of salary by CH&PA. Letter signed by employer
Occupation and income details of all adults living with applicants to include tax id number
Signed tenancy agreement from landlord with details. Rent, how long in unit etc.
Checks must be done with lands and surveys dept and land registry. Name of person doing verification recorded
Categories of income will be determined by CH&PA so we dont have a lot income person agreeing to take a $3 million lot. Lots will be assigned based on verified income
All plans must be approved by CH&PA before building commences
Lots will only be allocated to persons who have verified sources of finances to commence building
Name of financial institutions and current balance. Sources of additional funding
Homeowner associations will be mandatory in future CH&PA schemes to ensure the commons are taken care of. Fees, legality et cetera have to be sorted out.
Titles should not be handed over to persons who have not built.
An officer of CH&PA must verify a home is on the property before title is handed over
Part of form about giving false information needs to be reworded and given more teeth given recent court case.
Persons squatting on CH&PA land will pay a fine of $300,000 plus 1.5 times the value of the lot.
Persons must notify CH&PA when they commence construction and this must be verified.
Persons who have not built on land allocated by CH&PA will be notified and fined $100,000 for each month past the period recommended for building. This will prevent vacant lots from sitting and creating uneven development in a community. [this will need some legal input]
Persons who have acquired land and are owners of property will be fined 5 times the value of the land if they have built a property. If the land is vacant they will forfeit it and loose 50% of whatever monies they paid to CH&PA or they can be turned them over to police for fraud charges. [this will also need some legal input]
Contrary to what minister Patterson is embarked on. No one on the land allocation committee, and certainly no one in management has ever suggested lowering the age of receiving a piece of land from CH&PA to 18. It is not feasible and makes no sense. However, removing the age barrier and implementing stricter measures would eliminate most 18 year olds from the process anyway as they would be financially incapable of buying a piece of land and building a property.

This is the first draft of our recommendations so far.

All for your information.

Humble regards,
Mark Jacobs


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