Shocking levels of incompetence & lack of ideas

Dear _____________:
It’s been about six months now and the levels of corruption and lack of ideas of the Management here at Central Housing is unbelievable.
The meetings follow a similar pattern of foolishness. Most of the items on the agenda are miscellaneous that should not even be there. We are being asked to tell management what to do on almost everything, except on whatever rackets they are engaging in of course.
These guys have no ideas about what it is they claim to be experts in. Sitting in meetings is hard on the brain. They almost never come prepared and when they are by their standards, the level of foolishness is just too much. It’s hard maintaining my sanoty through these
There is no department here where high levels of corruption, incompetence and complete disregard for the public is not evident. Well let me take that back as I’ve not had much dealings with the Squatter Settlement Section.

There is an Amerindian man there, his name is slipping me now, he is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of squatting in this country it seems to be. but we have not had an in depth conversation.
Projects department is out of control. They control projects from concept to authorising pay! The same group of persons. At another time I can detail some of what has been told to me and what I’ve seen. They are all well paid, $350,000 plus per month but from all reports they are all engaged in corruption. Yes, ALL.
Land allocation is beyond the pale. They have never presented us with a list of housing schemes they are supposedly managing. We are not sure how much land was sold, to who, at what price, how price were arrived at, nada. so as you see it is quite near impossible to make policy if you dont have information
I am sure this is a deliberate ploy on their part to frustrate the board. They lie all the time.
I have already typed up my resignation cause this is not going anywhere in my view. I dont see how you can change the direction of an agency when the same criminals that set it adrift remain in place.
This agency and this country is in serious trouble. However, everyone is smiling and pretending all is well and good.
It will not last.
Think I’ve said enough on that. More updates and reports to follow but I dont see myself sticking around CH&PA beyond May. If I am not having a positive impact what’s the use? It’s costing me money to be a board member. Imagine that!
humble regards,
Mark Jacobs


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