Andre Ally seeking protection from Minister Patterson


8th March, 2016

I’ve been thinking about this foolishness the past week. I was tempted to respond with something very harsh but gave myself a few days before responding. 

I understand this protocol stupidity these idiots are latching on to to which I say, fuck you and your protocol.

If I need answers to a question, I don’t see the need, nor do I have the time, to write the CEO through the board secretary to then forward to an officer. No fuck that and fuck all this protocol bullshit. I have no time to waste. I’d be waiting years for information.

If I have a question I want it answered in the shortest possible time so I will send my questions directly to the person. These people are all games. The CEO believes that shit too and I could see why. They have shit to hide.

Where was protocol when they were fucking up billions in tax payers money?

The Chairman said I should direct my questions through the secretary for peace. He is a diplomat and say play along as it is the correct way 🙂

I am surprised the Minister got herself involved but she does not listen the few times we’ve had chance to speak to her. The criminals are whispering in her ears and she is falling for it. I can’t understand how an APNU AFC minister would take sides with these PPP criminals. Strange.

Next I might need permission to speak to management and staff directly.


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