No one knows how many houselots in remigrant scheme

3 March, 2016

An entry point into CHPA lawlessness and corruption is this remigrant scheme.

Just a few highlights: 

  1. There are no policies or documents about its creation or how it’s supposed to function
  2. No one can define remigrant

Only 12 of the 130+ persons given lots are actual remigrant’s

  1. The scheme is run by the IT Manager
  2. The land admin dept claims they know nothing about scheme (Ingrid jones and Denise tudor )
  3. The accounts receivable is over 100 million
  4. Denise Tudor gave me a document showing persons who owed money were given land titles
  5. Less than ten houses have been built
  6. Someone has a cattle ranch on these multimillion dollar houselots
  7. Guyamerica which is doing infrastructure work has a massive contract but does nothing

But the best might be, no one knows how many house lots are in the scheme.

The brochure got one number, the CEO Myrna Pitt got a different number, IT man Andre Ally who manages this racket don’t know, land admin boss Denise Tudor has no idea. Between them I’ve received four numbers ranging from 521 to 574.

To complicate matters I waited 3 weeks for a plan and when it arrived it was unregistered and you could not read the print. Tell me if this is not the actions of criminals? 

I’d recommend any audit and criminal investigation at CHPA start in the remigrant scheme. The other 382 schemes would reveal similar illegal and fraudulent acts by management.


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