Staff being intimidated & harassed for talking to Mark Jacobs


8th April, 2016

It’s a hazard for staff members to speak to me. Various forms of harassment and intimidation going down by other staff and management. 

Four managers staff complain about the most are: HR Director Lavern Benfield Sanscoulotte, Germene Stewart, Omar Narine in Project Dept., Denise King Tudor in Land Administration. 

One staff said of being called an informant! Imagine that.

I had a meeting with land allocation dept to introduce myself etc and if 24 persons present only 2 had anything to say when I opened the floor.

I was informed later Tudor told them not to say anything. These people are all adults. Presumably.

Many members of staff talk to me. 90% discretely cause of fear. How else would I get info if staff didn’t tell me?

Management have a big problem with that and staff are being whipped into line. Other tactics include repeating foolishness to staff which works on the weaker ones.

The amount of ridiculous things I am supposedly responsible for is too long to mention. I think I was once blamed for them not getting paid on time. 

It’s stupid and childish and it will not stop staff from sharing information. 

I know who’s in daily contact with Irfaan Ally and Bharrat Jagdeo. I know there’s payroll fraud and I know CHPA has ghost employees. Intimidating staff won’t stop that flow of information. 


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