Still waiting on details on $25 million pipe “theft” story

10 July, 2016

Head of Projects Fazal Wahab claimed 25 million in pipes were stolen from Farm I think.

This was an oral report to the Board. This is fucking theatre of the absurd type shit. A head of department mentioning a 25 million theft with no details. Like all these “thefts” no report was made to the Police.

This is how state assets are handled and mis handled.

Until I see details, I remain convinced Wahab and his cohorts stole those pipes or diverted those funds to their own purposes.

The legal officer, CEO and other seniors from management as per normal sat in silence saying nothing.

An audit of all projects done in these housing schemes will reveal lots of “missing” equipment and works.

At numerous discussions we’ve had I’ve mentioned firing Wahab. His engineering output is subpar. All projects they start have serious defects and issues. ALL.

Charles Ceres did an in depth look just at Wahab, Omar Narine and the rest paper work on about 150 odd projects.

Just based on their paperwork, he recommended surcharging and firing the entire project dept engineer crew and hire four new graduates from UG.

He is an engineer, who am I to contradict his professional analysis? 

And we’re talking from engineering stand point only. Crimes and illegal acts are another matter.


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