Ghosts employees at CHPA

12 April, 2016

It’s becoming more apparent that this agency has many ghost employees. ALL members of management are aware of this as well as many staff I’ve spoken to.

The HR Director Laverne Benfield Sanscoulotte is also fully aware of this. For example most of the persons working and being paid at the Turn Key site are not listed as employees. They are receiving pay which is classified as stipend.

Many of these same persons also worked on the private development Windsor Estate and another close by scheme. In all instances they were paid by CHPA. That’s based on info shown to me.

Additionally, the roster of names on the time machine exceeds by far the employee list given to the Board. The HR director and IT MANAGER Andre Ally were made aware of this.

An HR audit would also reveal that half of the staff in Land Admin could be sent home without issues. They serve no purpose.

Other departments with questionable staff count: projects, monitoring and evaluation and HR. I have no idea what monitoring and evaluation does. This seems to have been created by irfaan alli for germane Stewart.

Stewart strangely enough is also in charge of GIS. The body of work put out by both these departments is a joke. There are no GIS maps and data to speak of and the agency has a whole department dedicated to it. Stewart talks a good game but she is in way over her head. We can’t even see maps and location of commercial businesses that apply for plans.

My guess is about 25 persons minimum of the payroll are ghost.

These are crimes against the poor people of this country. They have to be addressed.


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