Head of IT & former Projects Director deleted files from server


Former head of projects Fazal Wahab has reportedly been in and out of the building long after he tendered his resignation and left the job. I have seen him in and out a few times while headed in for meetings.

Continuing a fine trend of slackness, the HR Director has processed a resignation of someone who did not do a proper hand over. This matter came up before with Wahab when he went on leave and Omar Narine took over. Narine could not answer questions because he had no idea what Wahab was working on and no handover was done. This is a common feature, persons have secrets to protect so they go off on leave with keys and documents and still get paid.

The HR claims there are policies in place for persons not being paid if they don’t do a proper hand over. However, she cannot cite one example when persons did not do a handover and pay was with held.

Head of IT Andre Ally and Fazal Wahab had a number of project department files deleted from the agency’s server according to an engineer who works in the project department. This engineer said he knows that Ally contacted an employee of Brain Street who he relies on to do his work to delete these files.
The excuse they will use is that they thought the project department module was still on trial and the files and documents stored there are not important!

What happens here going forward wont be a decision I will have to make but I am making a recording of it.

The person who entered those files into the system is now the Regional Housing Officer in Region 9. Someone would’ve made contact with her after the files were deleted.

No one is authorised to delete or destroy any documents on the agency’s server. I dont know what the criminal code says, but this is but yet another case for the police.


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